Pat and Tena served in Mali, West Africa from 1990 to 2007, serving in discipleship, leadership training, and helping people engage with God’s Word in their languages.

From 2007 to 2016 Pat served in Recruitment, helping people find their place of service in the Bible translation effort all over the world!

His experience in Africa makes Pat uniquely qualified to serve in his new assignment as a Field Coordinator with the Seed Company on the Sahel team. Coordinating the work from Dallas, Pat will make trips each year to Africa to serve with national Bible translators in the effort to help count down to ZERO people groups without Scripture.

The Walkinshaws need a full financial partnership team before Pat can begin this assignment. Please consider how you might join their Wycliffe ministry to alleviate Bible poverty in West Africa, through prayer and financial partnership.


Project Updates in Sahel area of Africa – Expanding opportunities, increasing Field Coordinator responsibilities

I’ve been working as a Field Coordinator (FC) for a little over a year now. Seed Company has around 55 FCs (more than any other position, besides translators and other roles on translation teams). Key aspects of Seed Company’s mission and vision are focused on our efforts to accelerate Bible Translation and to imagine zero languages without Scripture. We FCs are very key components in this core of our Seed Company mission and vision.

As I’ve been learning the ins and outs of this key role, it’s been so helpful for me to have my office at Seed Company’s main offices here in Arlington, TX. I get to work alongside so many extremely gifted and experienced servants for God’s kingdom – I’ve learned so much from just watching the great examples of those working all around me, and getting to ask them questions. (Thank God with me for all these who have blessed me so! - see the pics in this update!)

When I became an FC on the Sahel Team (northern region of French-speaking Africa), I began overseeing projects in Côte d’Ivoire (CI). This included the Manding Cluster (4 languages), theGur Cluster (3 languages), and the Nyarafolo project (a single language in Ferké in northern CI).

My FC responsibilities have been expanding, as I’m now over a Consultant Internship in Burkina Faso (Lassina Ouattara), and also I have started new Consultant Internship projects, 1 in Côte d’Ivoire (Gnaly Kpata) and 2 more in Burkina Faso (Wilson Ouattara and Djele Diarra)..


So thankful that Tena, and Rodney and Danae, and Nadia, and Sean are all doing well, and are growing in their pursuit of God and his plans for them!

Thank you again for making all this possible. Your partnership is priceless! We appreciate all your prayers and all your kind gifts towards our Wycliffe ministry.

Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!
We pray you have had a very special Lenten season, 
 with our Lord Jesus to Calvary.
Rejoice and celebrate our Risen Lord! Hosanna!