Pat and Tena served in Mali, West Africa from 1990 to 2007, serving in discipleship, leadership training, and helping people engage with God’s Word in their languages.

From 2007 to 2016 Pat served in Recruitment, helping people find their place of service in the Bible translation effort all over the world!

His experience in Africa makes Pat uniquely qualified to serve in his new assignment as a Field Coordinator with the Seed Company on the Sahel team. Coordinating the work from Dallas, Pat will make trips each year to Africa to serve with national Bible translators in the effort to help count down to ZERO people groups without Scripture.

The Walkinshaws need a full financial partnership team before Pat can begin this assignment. Please consider how you might join their Wycliffe ministry to alleviate Bible poverty in West Africa, through prayer and financial partnership.


Started new assignment in January -

 Went to Abidjan and Ouagadougou in February

I just want to say I love my new job at Seed Company! I’ve worked through a 3-month Growth Plan which is getting me up to speed on all the things I need to know (competencies) to do my job as a Field Coordinator. This is all so fascinating and a huge blessing to be involved in!

A major highlight was to go with some co-workers to Abidjan and Ouagadougou to deepen our partnerships in Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso. There is such a hunger for God’s word! When people hear God’s word in their own language it touches their hearts and lives are transformed!(meeting with Worodougou and Nyarafolo teams in Abidjan while they were working in a Jesus film recording workshop)

There is spiritual opposition to the progress of translation projects!
Something has really stood out to me as I’ve begun working with the Gur and Manding Cluster projects in Côte d'Ivoire, and also as I helped with developing projects for several language groups during my visit to Burkina Faso. Constant obstacles and set-backs, and various challenges are arising and blocking the progress of the work of our translation teams. It’s clear that the enemy is threatened by the transforming power of God’s Word. From within teams there are attacks through issues of moral failure, and from withoutthere are attacks through political & economic instability.Pray for God’s special protection and provision of grace and power over all our translation teams across the Sahel region of Africa. Pray also for my next trip to West Africa, coming up in the next few months. Prayer is vital!
I’m so thankful for God’s provision of our monthly financial needs through our partnership team. God has blessed our family so much through all your prayers and sacrifice.Thank you - have a very blessed Easter celebration!


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