As a gifted communicator, Al spends much of his time in Southeast Asia encouraging and developing leaders to care for “the wounded, abandoned, invisible and enslaved youth in these countries.”

Through Al’s burden for these young ones, he founded the Compassionate Hope Foundation. For over 30 years, Al has served the nations through building partnerships with trustworthy, national servant leaders in Southeast Asia. His efforts have prepared leaders for the implementation of the projects of CHF’s Southeast Asia. Their focus is not only equipping but also serving to help rescue and prevent human trafficking of children and young people.

One key factor for human trafficking in this area of Thailand and Southeast Asia is the lack of education often in tribal groups. Education either does not exist or stops at 6th grade. Al’s compassionate heart is leading the way in the building of CHF Villages of Hope, which includes a strong educational component. Al, along with the CHF team and supporting partners are believing together to change an entire region with these Villages of Hope.

JUNE 2019

Good to hear from you. All is well. Overwhelm  in a good way with all God is doing and the needs surrounding the nationals we serve. 

Thank you for your attentive love and support.

Below is an email update to CHF supporters this morning.



Summer is here. It is our most difficult season to raise the funds needed to care for and educate the 800 plus Rescued ones in our 43 Homes of Hope. As well as those who are suffering persecution for their faith.

Below are two story I received today. They communicate deeply why God has called you and I to serve and support “ the least of these.”’ As you can tell by these stories their need of your help is great !

Please take time to read and prayerfully consider a summer gift now to help CHF care for these during the summer session.

Story One : Online sexually exploited children. (OSEC)

ATM update from our partner in the Philippines IJM:

Update 4 victims rescued: ages 4, 8, 10, & 13, all female. The perpetrator is the mother of the 2 victims (ages 8yrs and 13 years) The mother of the 4 year old is the receiver of money. These two mom were working in greedy partnership with one another to carry out this hideous crime against their own children!

There is an Additional male child 10 y/o (child at risk) brother of the 2 girls ages 8 & 13, and son of the perpetrator!

This all happened in Antipolo region where our Village of Hope is being located!

God has you and CHF there for just a time as this. God sees them, hears their cries and deeply feels their pain. You through CHF become the hands of God to receive these who are being delivery out of this dark destruction into His love. Homes of Hope offers them a new life , filled with love , care , healing and a future. Giving them all they need to rise up out of this darkness, restoring them into the wonderful purposes and plans of God’s for their life in creating them.

Persecution and deep trail!! 

Below is a picture of the wife of the brother placed in prison four months ago. He is still in prison suffering. His wife was attack two days ago. She was 5 months pregnant. Below you see her laying in a primitive hospital bed. The baby has died from the attack because of her faith and now the doctor will try to force delivery.

I can not imagine such an ongoing truama. So grateful our nationals leaders are their to help. Thankful we can put gifts in their hands to meets the many needs around this family suffering for their faith!