As a gifted communicator, Al spends much of his time in Southeast Asia encouraging and developing leaders to care for “the wounded, abandoned, invisible and enslaved youth in these countries.”

Through Al’s burden for these young ones, he founded the Compassionate Hope Foundation. For over 30 years, Al has served the nations through building partnerships with trustworthy, national servant leaders in Southeast Asia. His efforts have prepared leaders for the implementation of the projects of CHF’s Southeast Asia. Their focus is not only equipping but also serving to help rescue and prevent human trafficking of children and young people.

One key factor for human trafficking in this area of Thailand and Southeast Asia is the lack of education often in tribal groups. Education either does not exist or stops at 6th grade. Al’s compassionate heart is leading the way in the building of CHF Villages of Hope, which includes a strong educational component. Al, along with the CHF team and supporting partners are believing together to change an entire region with these Villages of Hope.


Dear ones: 

Pray you are well!! 

For your celebration below I have including updated pictures of some of our three young ladies with their child who have been Rescued and living 

in the VOH in northern Thailand. Each of these young girls were raped. One at 12 yrs old, one at 15 the other 16. 

Now their lives are full of Hope, joy and Jesus! Each are progressing in their education. Sa will graduate from High School this spring and plans to continue on into College! It is amazing to observe the difference being made in these lives and 100's of others in our Homes! 

For your prayers 

(1) The Rescue of three teen girls ( sisters) that are being sexually abused! This has been going on for ten years! Pray for Safety and provision. 

(2) Pray for the  New school year and opening of the school in the VOH.  There are 250 plus kids. Pray for teachers and educational programs! 

(3) Over 100 of our young ones in our villages and homes came to Christ last month. Pray for their spiritual development.

(4) Pray for new believers in Laos who are being threatened that they will be arrested and exiled if they do not denounce their faith!

(5) Financial needs to pray for..

      a. The Home of Joy ( 53 kids). Are in very rustic temporary housing. We need land ($25000) and ($25000) for the construction of a permanent high quality home. With out this the government possible will not allow them to continue next year. 

       b. Always our greatest on going need is funding to feed and care and educate the 700 kids each month. Please pray for this need. 

       c. The school ( k-6thgrade) in Village of Hope northern Thailand must expand to 7-9 grades next year. We need to build a four classroom building with bathrooms. ($60000). 

(6) Pray for our fall " gatherings."  Our prayer is to be able this fall to have 15 small gatherings to continue to share the mission of CHF and connect with new potential supporters! If you are interested in having one of these gatherings in your home  please email me and we will get you detailed information. As you know, monthly donations provide the operational support that organizations need to focus on their mission.  CHF  is no exception to this rule. This means we will have to focus on people and churches who believe and stand by our mission.  People like you.  

Thank you for taking the  time to read this and pray. Thanks for your encouragement and love for us and those we care for. 

In His Love 

Bro Al 

The 12 yr old .. now 15 with her three year old daughter ! 

Two Philipino interns with two of the priceless treasure from these evil events! 

Taking two of the young ladies Sa and Rain to KFC with their little one. 


Dr. Al Henson 

Founder and Global Ambassador 

Of Compassionate Hope Foundation