As a gifted communicator, Al spends much of his time in Southeast Asia encouraging and developing leaders to care for “the wounded, abandoned, invisible and enslaved youth in these countries.”

Through Al’s burden for these young ones, he founded the Compassionate Hope Foundation. For over 30 years, Al has served the nations through building partnerships with trustworthy, national servant leaders in Southeast Asia. His efforts have prepared leaders for the implementation of the projects of CHF’s Southeast Asia. Their focus is not only equipping but also serving to help rescue and prevent human trafficking of children and young people.

One key factor for human trafficking in this area of Thailand and Southeast Asia is the lack of education often in tribal groups. Education either does not exist or stops at 6th grade. Al’s compassionate heart is leading the way in the building of CHF Villages of Hope, which includes a strong educational component. Al, along with the CHF team and supporting partners are believing together to change an entire region with these Villages of Hope.


Dear ones:
Pray you are well.
Susan and I had a tornado hit our home Wednesday morning March 1st. We were at home. I had just arrived back from Asia the evening before. Glad I was here. Grateful for the Lords protection. A lot of yard damage and some damage to our house, but we are blessed by so much help from brothers and sister. We are slowly recovering all.
Please pray today for CHF...
So many blessings ... so many needs .. so many battles .. so many victories .. many dangers .. many whose souls need healing many waiting to be Rescued !!
Please pray .., prayer works! James 5:16-18
Our hearts are Full of love and faith and hope .. joy .. freedom .. !!
There are Two Rescues happening now .. please pray !!
Here are their pictures and info for your prayers !

Story One:
This is Rain and her baby Honey. These are nicknames. Rain was raped two years ago at the age of 12 by two men! She is 14 now. She is from Burma. Completely alone with her baby. She has sold herself at times for food. A Christian couple who knows of Rains situation connected us to her. They Have called and ask can we take them. We have the Glen Estes Home of Hope that is set apart for teen single moms who are sex trafficking victims! So we said yes!
I can not imagine Rains hopelessness and wounded soul! Please pray as we are making arrangements to bring her from Burma to Thailand! I understand she is in Thailand now? With the love of Jesus , the power of His gospel , care, counseling , home , family their hopelessness will soon turn to hope and an unimaginable bright and different future. Your prayers and gifts make this possible!


Story Two:
These 3 siblings sisters are 10, 6 and 4 years old. They are from the Hmong hill tribe from rongsan village.
Their mom was just imprisoned for 20 years for selling drugs!
Their dad has abandoned the family several years ago . He is running from the law and has mental problem because of the drugs. So they must live by themselves, the big sister must take care the young sisters and ask for food from their neighbors who live next door. But everyone in Village is very poor too. So the Village leaders contacted our VOH.
These three little girls are in the highest category of risk for sexual abuse and human trafficking. There is some evidence that the older sister has already been abused.
Priceless, beautiful, precious and created in the image of God. How could we say no! So we said yes trusting God to provide all that is needed to give them hope, family, love, food, care, education and knowledge of the creator Jesus.
Please look in their faces . Such beauty .. such sadness and alone.
" Dare we hope! Can this be true? " They must think this .. as they walk around this village and see the beautiful homes, the new school and children their age playing with joy!
A grace place .... a safe place!
You make this possible!!
I know you have made a great investment as a steward of the Lords resources!


We need your help now! We have 40 waiting!!
Thanks for all you do !
In His love
From my phone .. please forgive my errors
Dr Al Henson
Founder and Global Ambassador
Of Compassionate Hope Foundation