I’M THE 2%

Ok, now that I have your attention.  I’m wealthy, but not in that way!  About 2% of people are saved, accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, over the age of 40.  That’s me!  So, hey, salvation knows no age limit, no shelf life.  For me it was a head to heart transplant and a very physical feeling.  Like a great weight was lifted off my shoulders.  I know, strange right?  Who knew?  That means that for over half, yes over half, of my life I was on the wrong side of the table, life, most everything.

Just how did this happen?   So then faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Yea, that is Romans 10:17, but it is so very true.  For most folks, you just have to hear what God has to say.  Come on in and hear what it’s all about.  Hear what is in store for you and your family.  Every parent, person, should want their family tree in heaven. 

Yes, I am a real person not a robot at Open Door.  I have checked the box, not a robot.  Come see what we have for you and your family.