Hello from the Norvells!

This month we moved Elizabeth to her new Bridges assignment at Kennesaw State University just north of Atlanta.  Her first day on campus she met a Japanese student and then had a follow up time with her a couple days later (Bridges reached out to International students).  


This week we sent two StoryRunners teams to West Africa and next week two more will go.  They work with four different language groups in four countries.  Twelve of our School of Storying trainers are going and will be joined by about 10 African StoryRunners trainers.  Each workshop will have about 20 nationals who speak the target language.

Please be in prayer for these teams as they get started these couple weeks.  Monday is the first day for the workshops.  

Two of the languages are extremely unreached with below .1% Christian.  Three of the languages have more than 1 million speakers and the forth is less than 100,000 and has not Bible translation at all.

God's Word in Story form will be a great tool in spreading the message of Jesus in each of these languages.  Pray for God's Spirit to be empowering and protecting these teams and for great success in translating our 42 stories.


Todd and Debby Norvell