Mistrust and animosity gripped the body of Christ in Chad for almost five decades. A deep division between the different church denominations blocked the Gospel from being proclaimed to the over 200 ethnic groups in this country. Urged by the Holy Spirit, national leaders of Cru's Global Church Movement (GCM) started a prayer initiative and organized a national consultation of the church leaders in Chad. So, in late 2017, 450 church leaders came together for a conference.

During the conference, GCM leaders met with the presidents of 22 denominations and encouraged them to work together for the sake of the Kingdom. "How can we work together while we are deeply divided and wounded? How can we move forward?"said one of the presidents. At his query, silence filled the room. Overcome with remorse, another president responded, "Brother, forgive me. I am the problem." Soon, a room full of presidents of church denominations were professing their repentance and seeking forgiveness from each other and God.

The next day, the conference turned into a wave of repentance and reconciliation as the presidents proclaimed their unity in Christ to the hundreds of church leaders gathered there. After making a commitment to stay united for the sake of Jesus and the Great Commission, the leaders set a vision of planting 5,000 new churches by 2020 and of engaging the 81 Unengaged Unreached People Groups  (UUPGs) in the country.

The reconciliation among the church leaders in Chad creates momentum for StoryRunners to make inroads in this country. There are over eight million people representing the 81 UUPGs in this country, but with the revival and renewed commitment among the church leaders in Chad, StoryRunners is positioned to equip local people to reach these people groups.

"Our people are mostly oral. We have a big vision for church planting among them. Bible stories are the right tool for our church planting projects," said Chad's GCM coordinator.

Earlier this year, despite several uncertainties, StoryRunners conducted the first School of Storying (SOS) in this country, among a people group that is less than one percent Christian. "We faced spiritual warfare in various forms on this trip, but time and time again, as the participants shared the stories, they saw God use them in the lives of the people they shared with," one of our trainers said.

God was at work in many ways. Through the SOS, the StoryRunners trainers witnessed participants growing in their excitement and sharing the stories with a passion.


1) Pray for the success of phase 2 of the SOS project in Chad later this year to complete the set of 42 stories. 

2) Pray that God will use the reconciliation from the fall 2017 conference to accomplish their vision of 5,000 new churches by 2020.

3) Pray that God will launch story movements as part of His work to plant 5,000 churches using oral Bible stories.