Todd Norvell

May 16 2017

Hello from the Norvell Family!

In January one of our StoryRunners teams traveled to Cameroon and conducted our School of Storying among the Ewondo people.   Below are two testimonies from that trip.  Right now our team is back in Cameroon doing the second module of our workshop and completing the rest of the 42 stories.  

God Doesn't Speak Our Language


“God told me to ask you something,” one of our translators told me. “For a long time, I’ve been bothered that we have no real worship songs in our language. When the missionaries came through our area, they taught us songs in French, and those are the songs we sing today. Our mentality is that God doesn’t speak our language. But I think we should be able to worship God in our own language, so I’ve translated some of the French songs. Would you record me singing them so that we can worship in our heart language?”

We crammed five people and a keyboard into our sweltering makeshift recording studio, a tiny 2×8 foot space. With sweat running down their faces, they raised their voices in praise to God in their heart language. I felt so privileged to be there to record. Eight songs later, the translator thanked me profusely. “You have no idea how appreciated these songs will be. They will change everything.”


“Listening to all these stories really touched me,” one man, Moses, explained. “The stories came alive-as if they affect us still today. I’ve been waiting 30 years for a training like this. Now, after just three weeks, I have all these stories. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.” Another participant, Luke, exclaimed, “When I listen to these stories, I’m really struck that I’m part of this spiritual legacy of prophets and kings, taking God’s rescue plan to the world.”

We have had an incredible ministry here! More than 1800 people heard stories over three weeks, and 308 story groups were started in this area. They plan on starting another 88 groups over the next three months, on top of continuing the groups they’ve already started!

Be in prayer for our team as they work with the Ewondo people this week and next.  They will return May 31st.  

This summer Debby and I will be traveling.  We will be in WI from June 18 to July 10 and then in Colorado for our Cru staff conference and then our StoryRunners Rocky Mountain summer mission (July 25 - Aug 3).  

We appreciate your partnership with us.


Todd and Debby Norvell