Dear Family and Friends,                                                                                        October 2017

There really is no place like home, even if home is so far from all our family and many close friends. This is where we are able to put our talents and spiritual gifts to use for the Glory of God. Rafael arrived just under a month ago and started getting the house back into working order before Mary got back a few days later.

One of our first weekends home, we went out to do open air preaching. This is always challenging in this Post Christian Era in Spain, but very rewarding once you engage with a few people. We always say, perhaps the ones who are enriched the most are the members of the congregation who come along and see God use them.

We had our annual Harvest / Homecoming… This is the Sunday we kick off all our annual activities, gather non perishables for the community, have a church meal and welcome all our church family who fled the hot summer.

Last week we had Dr. Calvin Smith from King’s Evangelical Divinity School in England speak on End Times both in the Torrevieja church and in the Murcia church. There always is a good crowd when the subject is eschatology, curiosity of end times holds an interest. Dr. Smith focused mainly how our view of end times shapes our world view.
The weather here in southeast Spain is very strange as I might assume it is where you are. We are having a very long summer. People are still gathering at the beaches, very strange…

Please pray for the AHT team as they continue ministering. This past week they found 7 new girls on the streets, some only here for 3 days, while the rest are just a couple of weeks in this area. Part of the team will be attending the European Freedom Conference in Germany this upcoming week. Pray for connections to be made and direction as we are seeking to launch out into a new venue of ministry, that of reaching the girls who are trafficked from apartments.

Thank you ALL for partnering in this ministry. God and YOU are the force behind the doing.

Blessings to all,
Rafael and Mary