Dear Friends and Family,                                                       June 2018

We are well into the summer here in Torrevieja, Spain. Its not just about the heat or the humidity but the traffic. All of the vacationers, second home owners and beach travelers are beginning to show up and it will only get worse until mid September.

We had our own trip to the beach this last week as we headed to the Mediterranean to baptize a few candidates who requested baptism.  Marlene, Anne and Chris confessed their faith publicly with beach goers around us. Please pray for these as they learn to trust and obey the Lord Jesus.

Please continue praying for Abi as she should have been baptized but just felt unprepared. She deals with a lot of mental agony, partly because of her husband and partly because of childhood trauma. It is incredible how much she is learning the Bible and how well she thinks.

At Hand for Tears Ministry is entering their busy season as girls are brought in from all over Eastern Europe to forcefully serve the tourist population. Pray that they might be able to help at least one of these girls escape this summer. We received a desperate call for help from our AMG safe house in Greece needing to find another safe house for a trafficked victim who was with them and had recently been discovered by her trafficker. We were able to connect them with the safe houses we work with here and she is now in Spain. There is a need for more safe houses here in Spain. Please pray for this need.

In early June, we were able to be with 4 of the churches that support and pray for us in Bermuda sharing Missions and engaging with them on a personal level. If you have ever been to this Island you know how beautiful it is but you need to mingle with the Bermudians to know how beautiful of a people they are. One of a kind in our mind, friendliest people ever….

Blessings to you and Thank You for partnering with this Ministry.

Lord bless you ALL.

Rafael and Mary Restrepo

Torrevieja, Spain

AMG International

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