September 2018


Dear Friends and Family,                                                                  


It is time to share with you some of our activities and requests for this month of September.

First, let us thank you for your prayers and support, we are ever mindful that without you behind us we would not be able to be here putting all of our time into this ministry to which God has called us.

 In the English church, all House Group leaders rested and Rafael ran a HG for those who wanted to continue meeting. It ran 10 weeks and as of today all HG’s are back in action. We thank God for the leadership we have in our churches.

 We ask prayer for Kye White. He was a broken man the Sunday he came to talk to Rafael. He is our neighbor and knew we were believers. That Sunday, he repented and made peace with God. Pray for growth in him as he does have many issues.

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 The Spanish Church is a bit sad, but temporarily. You see, Pastor Carlos, has gone to England to intern in a church in a city called Grimsby. He left in late August and he is doing well and will return the 26th of this month. A new gentleman has joined us whose name is Luis. He spent 30 years in prison and there did a Bible College program and is very interested in helping with the work. Pray for his adjustment to free life. Will tell you more later.

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The Dutch Church is also getting ready to start their church calendar year. Just last week they Baptized Yvonne and Adrianus, husband and wife. Pray for their growth and discipleship as pastor Jan works with them. Their English is limited.

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 All activities in all churches will be in full swing the last week of September and the autumn calendar is full, but we are glad for that.

 Please pray for the AHT team as they are seeing many young women on the street, some they think might even be under age. Please pray with us for “One Rescue a Month”.  

Thank you and know we count and rely on your faithfulness to God as you pray.

 Rafael and Mary Restrepo

Torrevieja, Spain

AMG International