Dear Friends,

So much has happened since our E-letter in February. But first we want to again thank you for your love and prayers. Without your support we would not be able to carry out this ministry in Spain.

In March, the AHT leadership traveled to Madrid to a one day conference on networking among other faith based ministries working to fight Human Trafficking. The information was very useful and encouraging to the team. Pray for this nation that God would have mercy.

March, also saw our first wedding blessing on the beach. You would think that being here so long we would have done a beach wedding before. But no, first one. It was interesting…

The 1st Sunday of April, AMG Spain ordained 2 new pastors. Carlos Guzman, our pastor of the Spanish church and Jan Visser the pastor of our Dutch church. Please pray for these men.

The April Ladies retreat went very well and the God moved among the ladies and the numbers changed from 14 that we thought were originally going to the final count being 20. The speakers, Mary O’Connor and Lauren Marlow, were great and well received.

Easter week came and went so fast and so much was done. Our conference in English started on Palm Sunday and continued through Easter Sunday. We had many activities included. We taught a Marriage Workshop at one of the churches in town. We had a special meal with the deacons to thank them for their hard work.  We celebrated the Anniversary of the work in Abaran, Murcia - one year since that work was started and already we have 20 people attending. Pastor Carlos preaches there about every 6 weeks. Rafael preached at the Dutch church, where a man made a profession of faith. On Easter Sunday, we had the best Sunrise Service yet because it included a baptism in the sea. Yes, the water was cold. This was followed by breakfast at church, communion, and a great closing to our conference.

The Spanish church has been growing and we are so thankful. Easter Sunday Rafael preached (it meets in the evening) and it was one of the largest groups we have had and it is holding. Pastor Carlos and the home studies he is conducting are very effective.

Pastor Jan and the Dutch church are growing also; they are now bigger than the Spanish church with about 40+ in attendance. A Bible study was started in the church premises and new people are constantly visiting. Pray for Jan, at 75 years of age he needs help, help that I cannot give as I do not speak Dutch.

We are starting our furlough this April. Rafael will travel first to the East Coast and Mary will join him in NY from Spain in late May to start the long road trip. We hope to see you ALL at some point this summer.

Blessings and thank you for being on our team,

Rafael and Mary Restrepo