Faithful Friend and Partner,


I do apologize for the length of this email. There is a lot of information of all of our family efforts. 


Lacy and I want to share a mountain top praise with you to celebrate because, at this very moment you are expressing the Love, Life, Sacrifice, and Redemption of Jesus to two young ladies at Grace Oasis: Leigharra's House. These two teen girls were discovered and recovered by a very recent FBI trafficking investigation and raid. They are here with us, safe and doing remarkably well. They attended church on Sunday with a team member and participated like "all's well and normal". They are such a blessing!



(First weekend in Leigharra's House. Ready to go to church.)


I will say one of these case's would make you completely sick and angry and the other will make you very sad because it hits really, really close to home as it directly struck one of our own Christian families, a national pillar of Christian Leadership, whom is now significantly impacted by this tragic, sinful epidemic called human sex trafficking. It, the enemy through human trafficking, tried to destroy the life of one of our little sister's. These are the cases that really proved to us that NO ONE, none of us are impervious to the reach and impact impact of trafficking. These cases really proved to us that no one, none of us are impervious to the reach and impact impact of trafficking. I wish we could explain the details for you but we absolutely will not compromise their honor and dignity by re-exploiting them. When they are ready to share this part of their life with you, they will do so. Both the National and Kingdom implications of this case would literally rock you to your core. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM CONTINUALLY. 


Lacy has done a lot of prep work and spent many, many 18 hour days in the last 2.5 months to help get the home ready and leading and prep our Restoration Team to care for these young ladies well.


Additionally, because of your faith in the Lord, your partnership with our family and your prayers for the work of Rescue 1, Lacy and I have been able to accept the responsibility and privilege of taking in two other survivors from a Central American country into our own home. Both of these young ladies have a 16 month old child that is both a precious gift from our Lord and a difficult reminder of their Slavery and Abuse. They both have given their hearts to the Lord and are on the road to full Redemption, citizenship, speaking English and serving their community. 



(Our two International Rescues right here in TN being prayed over before their baptism at a local lake.)

Words cannot express the joy and blessedness our family possesses in our hearts for God, the Kingdom, your partnership and those we serve together with you. Being apart of the care and restoration of these six lives, and dozens of others around the world, is ordained by God but fundamentally sustained by your givings to our Lord, your encouragement and your love for our family. 


Prayer Requests:


  1. Health - I can not explain how thankful our family is to the Lord for His healing of Lacy and your prayers. She is doing so well and probably functioning at about 90% capacity. 

    Lacy leading part of our weekly team meeting)

  2. Peace and Patience - The increased family members in our home creates new challenges: language barrier, culture differences, interwoven or conflicting schedules, family integration, food preferences, transportation need, and an increase in spending for food, utilities, gas and other various household items. 
  3. Protection and Personal Development

    1. Lillianna is growing well. She is crawling and starting to talk. And of course she said Dah Dah first.
    2. Dawson and David are going to a local public school and love it.This opportunity is exposing them to dozens of different cultures and religions. They are asking some of the best "Perspectives questions ever.
    3. Lydia is continuing to homeschool and enjoying the individual focus. 

    4. Leigha is doing really, really well! She made us grandparents this last week. What a blessing and joy our first grandchild, Abigail Grace, is! 
    5. Wesley is living and working in Clarksville, TN and trying to work get ready for the Spring Semester at Austin Peay.
  4. Financial Partners - New Partner Search and Development. 

Prevention - Increased Reach 1 focus in high-risk and identified trafficking areas. Searching for new missionaries to take on increased need and capacity. 

Rescue- I have taken on more responsibility in the Rescue Department. Continually developing CAT (Community Action Team) members to respond to law enforcement referrals and Reach 1 Team calls. 


  1. The new "family members" at Grace Oasis: Leigharra's House. They are still acclimating and settling into their routine. We are beginning school for one of the girls and the other we are beginning the search for a Nashville Caregiver home to help continue Aftercare and Recovery. 
  2. Pray specifically God will eliminate their restlessness and "run" tendencies. Email me for more information. 
  3. Safe house volunteer recruitment, training and mobilization.

Business Admin/Global Development - We are searching for new Board Members, a volunteer Event Coordinator/Development Director, a Technology Volunteer, and a retired office manger or accountant to help with the day-to-day office needs. 


  1. Pray for continued protection of our Thailand and Philippine team members. They are forging ahead well and serving so many in there area.
  2. Missionaries from the USA to join their team.
  3. Planning and executing mission trips at the end of 2017 and all 2018.


  1. This years Gala is significantly different than years past. There is no cost for a Gala ticket; just reserve it online. We will make a request for donations during the event and give a report on the gifts/donations raised leading up to the Gala. Additionally, a surprise guest from for King and Country will be with us that evening. Lacy and I hope that you, folks from Metro and anyone from the Missions Department can attend this year. It is Thursday night, October 19, 6P-9P.

Thank you so much. You are loved and continually thanked and prayed for before the Lord. 


Daniel, Lacy and the Tolar family


Good morning!

What a wonderful, joyful and blessed month April was for Rescue 1 Global. You know how the saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers"! And, Oh Boy did we receive a lot of "rain" in April. 

During April so many Milestones were laid that we want to share with you a brief recap of a few of them before we move into May (which will highlight more of our work on the ground, especially through our International Programs!) 


We are so excited for the opportunity to currently minister to 4 children through the Mentor 1 Pilot Program. These children come from at-risk or vulnerable communities, and through our volunteers who mentor, tutor, teach life skills, and share the love of Jesus, these kids are hearing truth and gaining the tools they need to be successful and thrive in life.


Each child in our program will have 3 different mentors. One who is a spiritual mentor, one who is a gardening/life skills buddy, and one who is a tutor.

You don't have to have a degree to get involved, if you can love on a kid, talk to them about Jesus, get your hands dirty, or do simple math, you can make a difference! If you're interested in being a part of this program and investing in the lives of at-risk children, you can apply to volunteer through our website:


We can't thank you enough for all your support, patience, prayers, and dedication to getting this home opened. There were 0 beds available in the state of Tennessee for girls under the age of 18 who had experienced the horrors of trafficking. There was no place in the whole state that offered the specific care needed.
In fact, in the surrounding states that touch TN, only two states had specialized places for survivors of trafficking, and each location had 4 beds. 


We cut the ribbon on Grace Oasis: Leigharra's House this past Sundayafternoon at our Grand Opening with many of our partners and supporters.



Our team on the ground in Thailand the past couple of weeks was able to complete two hydroponics systems for our homes! These systems will provide so much food and sustainability for the staff and children in the home. They will be able to grow up to 1000 heads of lettuce at a month, as well as many tomatoes and other larger plants that they can sell at market to raise funds and provide meals for the home - just to give you some perspective of how game-changing this system will be! 



We're taking you behind the scenes, talking about everything that's happening, and explaining how you can get involved. For instance, we've just opened the FOUNDER'S BIRTHDAY CLUB!

Our Co-Founder Lacy Tolar kicked off this club just a few days ago and instead of asking for money or presents for her birthday, she's asking for us to step up and donate towards the cause! Her goal is for 39 people to join the One / 1000 campaign and help us sustain Grace Oasis: Leigharra's House. Click the link below to learn all the details and how you can make YOUR birthday count, too!


THANK YOU for your continued partnership. You're such an honored and valuable team member and we are grateful for how God is using all of us to continue bringing freedom to those in slavery. 


Daniel and Lacy Tolar
& the Rescue 1 Global Team

What if you woke up tomorrow and realized that the promises of safety, security, and a good productive job that would provide for you and your family were all a lie? What if, instead, you had to preform egregious acts in order to keep from being physically harmed and to protect your loved ones from bad people? What would you do? Where would you go?

Since 2011, the TBI estimated that nearly 9,000 youth run-away every year in TN and that, on average, 1,500 of those run-aways are lured into sex trafficking. We have learned firsthand what these youth face once they are on the street and in the control of a trafficker. The numbers increase even more drastically as we travel internationally. 

With your continued support we can prevent our kids from experiencing the dangers of human trafficking and empower them with the tools to overcome vulnerabilities that lead to trafficking. 

Support our prevention work today at


The entire RESCUE 1 GLOBAL team invites you to our annual gala!


Join us for this free event on Thursday evening, October 19th, 6pm, at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Downtown Nashville.

As we are currently accepting our first girls into Grace Oasis: Leigharra's House, we need you now more than ever! Together, we hold the keys to freedom, opening doors that have kept so many in bondage.

We'll be celebrating the accomplishments we've seen over the past year and casting vision for what's ahead, as we share stories of survivors, challenges, life-change, and more! You'll be able to browse and shop through our survivor made products, enjoy dinner, hear from our founders, team, and special guest speakers, and continue to support the mission of RESCUE 1.

While our gala is free to attend this year, seating is limited; so we ask that you reserve your tickets now!


If you or your business would like to sponsor our gala, please respond to this email and we will send you a full sponsorship opportunities packet!

If you can't attend, but still want to give, just click the button below to visit our donation page.