Nadia grew up as a missionary kid in Mali, West Africa. While she was blessed to have access to God’s Word in her own language from birth, she saw first-hand that not everyone is that fortunate. She is passionate about ending spiritual poverty for language communities who do not have enduring access to God’s Word in their language.

Nadia’s heart is to serve missionary families with Pioneer Bible Translators by discipling their children. Her work will help the whole family grow spiritually stronger, allowing them to stay longer in their field assignment and focus on what God has for them there. By pouring truth and love into the children of missionaries, Nadia can help accelerate the work of Bible translation.

Love Is The Greatest Way

Bonding over Bonfires 

March 2019

We went camping! It was a blast and all the planning payed off. Thank you for your prayers-God heard them all! Our weekend was full of food, fun, and fellowship at our campsite and by the lake. It was great to be out in God's creation with the kiddos. We hope to have the space and time to make it happen again next year. Quick shout-out to our adult MK's Michael and Joel, for coming along and sharing their camping expertise with us amateurs ;) Thanks, you guys! We couldn't have done it without you. 

Two of our graduated MKs got married to each other last month! It was an honor and joy to witness Luc and Jenny Temminck start the rest of their lives together. Seeing their Pioneer Bible Translators West African family all together celebrating was also a special blessing.  Pray them on y'all! 

Odds and Ends

I ran a half marathon! 13.1 miles y'all! And I got to run it with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world! Papa, Nae, Clint, and Jordan. It was painful, but worth it; thanks for conquering it with me. 

For You Prayer Warriors:

  • Praise God for an awesome camping trip!

  • Please pray for our missionary families in East Asia. Life for them is getting harder and harder. Pray for peace, safety, and wisdom. 

  • Thank God for continual funds coming in for our mission trip to Jamaica this summer.

  • Praise God! He loves us without limit! THANK YOU GOD, FOR ALWAYS PROVING YOUR LOVE FOR US! 

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