Senior Pastor Search

Denomination: Independent Baptist

Church Size: 501 to 750

Job Type: Full-Time

Open Door Baptist Church, an Independent Baptist congregation with no denominational affiliations, located in Kansas City, KS, is seeking a senior pastor. Their previous senior pastor retired after 28 years of ministry. This congregation is dedicated to Christ’s mission for them and is in harmony with each other. The church has a K-6 Christian school and one of its key ministries is a Christian recovery group, seeking to help people who have been trapped by all kinds of addictions.

This church is looking for someone who will bring renewed vision and direction to the congregation, which has been plateaued at 500 for over a decade, despite the growing population around the church’s location. The leaders recognize that they are not reaching the next generation and desire that their next pastor guide the church to do this.

It is necessary that the next pastor have experience in leading a large church (400+), either as a senior pastor or as a senior associate/campus pastor of such a congregation. While a Seminary degree is preferred, the candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in theology, at minimum, from a recognized Bible College.  The candidate must be in a healthy marriage and be a good example in parenting his children.

He will be expected to be an excellent communicator who is expository in his approach to preaching. It is preferred that he have 5-10 years of pastoral experience. Demonstrated evangelism and leadership in church growth are also necessary.

All churches have certain beliefs and characteristics that are non-negotiables. These should not be changed when new pastors come. The following are the significant ones for Open Door Baptist Church.

1.       Complementarian in pastoral and deacon leadership.

2.       Pre-Tribulational, Premillennial theology that is baptistic in practice.

3.       Congregation-led church with a deacon board.

4.       A Christ-centered Recovery group ministry that is a critical component of the church’s mission.


If you are interested in being considered for this position, please send a resume and cover letter about yourself by October 15, 2018 to Dr. Steve Smith of Church Equippers Ministries by email. The email address is