Open Door Baptist Communications Committee Update – November 2018

Filling the Pulpit Committee


Mission: The Pulpit Committee is responsible for finding guest speakers until a new pastor is hired. They will also plan and schedule events to keep the church moving, healthy, growing, and serving the Lord.    

Committee Members: Mitch Barber, Annie Bennett, Christi and Darin Diggs, Dick and Kelly Newport, Evelyn and Thurman Gardner, Beth and Mike Huisman, Jeremy Mays 

Next Committee Meeting: TBD

Upcoming Speakers:


·         Thanksgiving Service Project being developed.

·         Christmas Eve Candlelight service scheduled – 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Pastoral Search Committee:

 Mission: The Pastoral Search Committee will work to identify the qualities that we would like to see in our next pastor; market our church to potential candidates that possess those traits; and present the most qualified candidates to the deacon board for review.

Committee members: Dave Brooks, Diane Burgess, Charles Byers, Jaime Englis, Rick Hardman, Jeffia McCallop, Forrest Terrell

Next Committee Meeting: TBD


  • Church profile and Ad completed and sent to consultant. Ad to be posted by consultant.  Next Steps: Wait for applicants.  Once received, applicants will be processed and sent to committee for consideration.


Hospitality/Welcome Committee

Mission: The Hospitality/Welcome Committee assists with social activities; maintains a high level of care for the church body; continues finding ways to help people feel welcome during this interim period; and assists the pastoral candidates with accommodations, potential travel arrangements, etc.

Committee members: Kelly Carter, Linda Englis, Tom McGrath, Jeni Mosier, Kelly Newport, Kelly Oldridge, Vena Sherrill, Karisha Smith, Dora and Harvey Williams, Ina Young

Next Committee Meeting: TBD


·         Working on updating the church member database.

·         Recruiting additional people to serve as greeters.

·         New flooring being installed this week in the foyer.


Communication Committee:

Mission: The Communication Committee is responsible for keeping the church body updated with the activities, status, and progress of each committee. 

Committee Members: Julie Barber, Tim Barnett, Rod Burgess, Miles Hodge, Scott Kroening, Scott Smith, Dianne and Wayne Terry

Next meeting: TBD


·         Committee updates are provided every two weeks from the pulpit and website

·         Virtual suggestion/question box available online

·         Push notifications continue to be sent out


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