The purpose of Open Door Lighting Team is to assist in providing lighting services in an atmosphere which compliments worship and to further the message of Open Door Baptist Church.  The Open Door lighting team is open to active members of Open Door Baptist Church which have a desire to show forth leadership and service to God through multimedia ministry.

Lighting Team members will be asked to become very familiar with the equipment and the lighting preferences for specific services.    Members will serve on a rotating schedule.  They will need to set up lighting before the Sunday morning service, shut down after the service, and help set up lighting and run light board for special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, and VBS.


Practices & Workshops

Lighting team members are expected to attend all group practice sessions (where music team and choir are present) where the choir is present. Lighting team members must follow the same conduct as the choir members in being respectful and orderly during practices and breaks. Additional attendance may be required for special music or choir events, including weddings, funerals, and other special services.


Worship Services

The lighting team ministers in every worship service. Any foreseen exceptions will be advertised. Lighting team members are to adhere to the weekly rotation schedule published on the attendance calendar.  Lighting team members scheduled to work any service or event are expected to fill their assigned position until the end of service. Team members should not leave the media area during a worship service as to be available to fulfill their assigned duties. However, any spiritual needs supercede one’s requirement to remain in the media room at ministry times during the service such as altar.


If you are interested in serving with the Lighting Team, please contact Annie Bennett or complete the form below.

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