Prayer Intercession for Carol & ISI KANSAS CITY



  • N & P (Nepali couple) – After attending the Bear Trap Ranch trip in December I began to meet with this married couple weekly to do a study on the character of God and how understanding His character is critical to understand the Gospel.  Each week brought moments where lights would turn on and bit by bit they began to understand the Gospel and what Jesus had done for them personally.  A few weeks ago they prayed to receive Christ in my living room.  It was thrilling and was pure JOY!  (Prayer request about this is below.)
  • End of the Year Picnic – a little over 200 international students, scholars and American Ministry Partners spent a great evening together at Shawnee Mission Lake to celebrate the end of the school year.  Lots of great food, conversation, volleyball, badminton, scoop-ball and enjoying walking down by the lake with friends.  The nations represented were: Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Ghana, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Taiwan, and Uzbekistan.

    One of our ISI KC Staff members was driving a big van to pick up students for the picnic – before any students were picked up, he and the van were hit by someone who drove away without stopping.  Thankfully our staff member experienced minor physical injury, and no students were in the van.
  • Bear Trap Ranch May Trip – This is a week-long retreat (like what N & P attended) where they will hear a lot about Jesus.  Our group just left today and will return May 22.  We have seven students/scholars going.  All have been told very clearly that they will hear a lot about Jesus and will be part of a family group each day that will be talking about the Bible.  AS is from India and is a very strong seeker; BX and XL from China - seeker status is unknown; RZ from China says she has no religion; TH from Japan is “open”; SS from France says she is a Christian– though she might be a “cultural” Christian; SS from India – seeker status is unknown.  

    God provided a big van from one of our partnering churches which is a huge blessing!  God also provided the scholarship support that enabled one of the students to attend who didn’t have the means.
  • Avila University – the Avila ministry has continued to grow and we are having more and more students getting involved.  We have had a big breakthrough with the international office that we have been praying about for a long time.  We now have someone from that office who wants to actively promote ISI at Avila, and who has been coming to the Avila International Student Fellowship, and came to the End of the Year Picnic.  He is hoping to be able to work full-time in the office there.  He wants to help give us opportunities to be part of their organization fairs and other ways for us to get the word out to the international students at Avila.
  • UMKC Culture Night – We were able to participate and have a table to meet students at the UMKC Culture Night.  Almost all the other tables were tables for the student associations from each nation represented.  There were probably close to a 1000 who attended.  We were able to make contact with a lot of students who had never heard about us yet.  It is also a recognition from the International Student Ambassadors in charge of this event that they value what we do for the international students and scholars at UMKC. And that is very important!

Prayer Requests

  • N & P – After making their decision to receive Christ, school work took over.  They are both PhDs in the same program with a big research journal article submission that was coming due as well as preparation for exams, and a huge 5 day comprehensive exam that N has in about a week.  When someone puts their trust in Christ as a new believer I like to begin follow-up with them as soon as possible.  However, with the timing of the end of the semester hitting that has not been able to happen.  We have talked by phone, texted, and video chatted for short periods.  Please pray that the Lord will surround them with His protection from the enemy and from anything the enemy might try to do to take away from their decision to follow Jesus.  Pray for them to grow in their love and walk with Jesus as we get back to discipleship.
  • Bear Trap – Pray that God will move each person going with our KC group to be drawn to Him.  Pray that strongholds and barriers to belief in Jesus will be torn down by the Holy Spirit.  We are praying that our strong seeker might become a follower of Jesus, and the others will move toward Jesus to the next level in their spiritual journey to come to know Him.  Pray for protection from the enemy, as well as protection physically as they do many things like rock climbing, repelling, horseback riding, and for a safe trip back.
  • Staff and Key Ministry Partner Planning times – pray for God’s leading as we take times with the ISI KC staff and with some of the key Ministry Partners who are heavily involved to do praying and planning for the next school year beginning in August.
  • Summer get-togethers and relationships – Pray God will use the summer to deepen relationships with students and scholars who are here and that we want to focus on both individually and as we have small group times. (Most Master’s and PhDs stay here over the summer).  With deepening of relationships, pray for opportunities water seeds and to bring Jesus into the conversations as God opens hearts and opportunities. 
  • Staff financial backing – the summer time is an important time for myself and the staff to meet and develop further financial partners for the ministry.  A couple of the staff in order to be at full-time instead of very part-time need to develop more partners to invest financially.  I desperately need to not be the only full-time staff!     As City Director I will be seeking to meet with people who want to invest in the KC City Ministry expenses that are needed to do all of the events and outreaches that we do to touch more and more students/scholars.  I will be looking to widen my Partner team too.  So pray for God’s abundant provision so we can have the “time” needed to see the ministry deepen and widen as we seek to reach every international student and scholar in Kansas City.  (There are over 4,000 here and we are just scratching the surface!)

Because of Him,


Carol S. Douglass, M.Ed

City Director, Kansas City

International Students, Inc.