Prayer Intercession for ISI KANSAS CITY






  • N & P (Nepali couple) – our Bible studies have been so amazing.  They have “aha moments” every time we meet.  When we talked about God’s attribute of His holiness and righteousness and how that relates to our sin problem and the separation that results that we can’t bridge on our own – they really got that!  P said, “I have always used other people as my benchmark for goodness.  Now I will use Him as my benchmark, and He can now shine His light in my heart to show me the sin I am not aware of.”  WOW!! Every week we ask the questions about how what they learned changes the way they look at God, how what they learned will be applied in their lives in the next week, and who they will share what they have learned with.
  • NEW MINISTRY PARTNERS -God is answering prayer for more Ministry Partners,  Meetings were set up with pastors at Northland Baptist and Pleasant Baptist to get them involved.   Pray for these churches as they move forward.
  • PERSPECTIVES CLASS – once again we are being given the fantastic opportunity to present the ISI Ministry to this group who become so missions minded as a result of this 16 week class.  Our most dedicated Ministry Partners come out of these classes.  Dani Alexander, the Chinese doctor & KUMC researcher I have been discipling will be giving her powerful testimony during the presentation.
  • SEEKERS IN BIBLE STUDIES & COMING TO CHURCH – We have several seekers in other Bible studies from Yemen, Kurdistan, China and India who are asking good questions and continue to be seeking.  We also have a few who have been going to church at times too.

Prayer Needs

Easter Outreaches

  • UMKC/KUMC & Park ISFs - we will talk about Easter and the real reason we celebrate this most important of holidays for followers of Jesus and the world. Pray for us as we plan to talk about this in a creative and interesting way.  Pray that God will open up hearts and minds to the message of Christ’s death and resurrection on their behalf.
  • International Wives Connection (IWC) – Tomorrow morning we will be talking about Easter and the meaning of it.  Pray that God will bring the wives He wants to be there, and give them responsive hearts to the message.
  • N & P Bible study – tomorrow evening - we will be watching “Magdalena - Released From Shame” (a great tool that presents the Gospel very clearly.)  We will be talking about – “how do we accept the free gift of Christ’s death on our behalf.”   Pray the Holy Spirit will continue to help them understand the Gospel and will accept that gift for themselves.
  • Meals with Jesus study – Andrew Bell will be having another Bible study/Meal on Maundy (Holy) Thursday.  This one will be focused on the Passover and the crucifixion.  Pray that God will continue to bring the ones who have been coming to these and that as they understand the meaning of the Passover and Christ’s death that they will be moved forward in their spiritual journey. Pray that students will want to attend Easter services as a result too.
  • Movie Night at Carol’s House on Good Friday – At ISF I am going to be promoting the movie “Risen” that will be shown at my home on Good Friday.  Pray that those who have had their thirst increased during our ISF Easter presentation, that they will be interested to spend Good Friday at my home.  Risen is about a soldier who is at the Crucifixion of Christ and then is tasked by Pilate to find the body of Jesus.  It shows his journey and how he comes to meet the Risen Savior face to face.  Pray that God will use this to open up some significant opportunities to share more about what He has done for all of us, and also “Evidence for the Resurrection” in another venue.

Other Requests

  • Seekers in Bible studies – Pray God will continue to use these Bible studies in these students lives and that God will bring them to Himself.  One of the PhDs from Kurdistan (in Iraq) will be returning sometime this summer we believe.  Pray he would give his life to Jesus before he returns.
  • Bangladeshi Couple – please pray for wisdom and discernment as Sandeep and I meet with a couple that are in need of some family counseling.  Pray that we can discern the issues and help them work through whatever they may be dealing with.
  • Perspectives Class Presentation – Pray that God will draw people of passion and vision to this ministry as they hear about the opportunity to reach international students and scholars!  The harvest is plentiful and we need serious workers!

Thank you for the crucial role you play in this ministry through your prayer intercession for myself, the other staff, the ministry and outreach!  Eternity will not be impacted unless the Holy Spirit is at work, and that happens through PRAYER!  Thank you for your continued financial support of this myself and this ministry!!

Because of Him,



Carol S. Douglass, M.Ed

City Director, Kansas City

International Students, Inc.