Prayer Intercession for Carol & ISI KANSAS CITY


ISI National Conference – I just return returned from a wonderful, spiritually refreshing time at our conference.  Time spent with other staff and hearing from our leadership was motivating and reconfirming of all we are doing.  We heard that the world of missions is changing!  China and India are closing down.  Churches are being shut down, believers being put in jail, and missionaries are being sent home.  As one of our KC staff guys said, They can close churches and send missionaries away, but their future leaders are in our universities and we're going to keep sharing Jesus with them.  I believe our ministry has never been more strategic, since the main cultures represented here are India, China, and the Muslim world.” We praise God that He is allowing and enabling us to reach the next generation of influencers worldwide!

  • Bear Trap Ranch May Trip  Four of the students who went on this trip engaged with spiritual truth throughout the week, and the same four seemed to make spiritual steps forward.  One of the Chinese gals indicated that she would like a direct relationship with God.  Pray as we follow up on each of these students now that they have returned.  (Bear Trap picture center)
  • Nitin & Nidhi Jain – I have known Nitin for 15 years.  He came as a PhD student to UMKC. I have been “mom” and Aarish, their son calls me “Carol Grandma”.  They transferred to the east coast to New Hampshire for a research job change.  The praise is that their leaving has in fact drawn us even closer, and opened opportunities for more spiritual conversations.  We have talked about Jesus on a deeper level than ever before. God provided a great contact to connect them with –a loving couple who are on staff with Bridges (the international student arm of CRU).  This couple has already been a great support and have begun a friendship with my “kids”.  I stay in touch with them through weekly/bi-weekly video calls.  They want me to visit them this fall.  I am trying to see if I can make that happen. God has truly blessed me with this family!  I long for the day they come to know the One Who loves them most!  (picture above)  Please pray for this too!
  • N & P – after a long time due to PhD comprehensive exams/journal submissions N & P came to my home for dinner to catch up and talk about how they are doing.  We were able to talk about the decision that they made to trust Jesus and invite Him into their lives.  There have been some issues that we will be dealing with, but they are interested in continuing to study the Bible with me. We talked about how inviting Him into their lives is just the first step in falling in love with Jesus.  I hope to begin again in August.
  • Avila University – We have been praying for God to increase our impact at Avila and for God to give us breakthroughs with the international student office.  This year the number of students involved with ISI has doubled and deeper relationships are taking place. The most exciting development is the addition of David, a young American man who at the invitation of one of our international students started attending the ISI events.  He’s an Avila alum and has been working part-time in the international student office.  He was thrilled at ISI’s involvement in the students’ lives, and is giving us positive publicity to his boss.  Mike, our ISI staff overseeing the Avila Ministry asked David to talk to the international student office director to see if he would allow us greater access to the students on campus, i.e. new student orientation and other campus fairs.  He thought that was a great idea and will advocate for that.  He’s hoping to be hired on a full-time basis which is a major prayer request.  He’s also hosting a group of 15 Japanese students during the month of July for a campus summer camp and has asked us to be involved in hosting ISFs and picnics for them.  According to David the school’s international student office doesn’t do much for their international students during the year.  We’re “the only show in town” as he put it.  Our stock is rising and hopefully we will have greater access to all 170 int’l students this year.

Prayer Requests

  • N & P – that they will grow in their love, knowledge and relationship with the Lord.  That they will have a hunger for Him and to study the Word of God.  Pray that the Lord will protect them from the attacks of the enemy.
  • New Students coming SOON!– Right now new international students and scholars are getting ready to come to Kansas City.  
    -God to work in their hearts and minds even now to prepare them to meet us. 
    -That He will bring to us those who He is at work within and who will be responsive to Him.
    -That He will bring those from closing countries who will one day return back to their countries as His ambassadors and disciple-makers.
  • Laborers for the Harvest – Jesus to bring us those who have a passion for giving of their time, their hearts and their treasure to reach the nations here. To bring those who after getting a “taste” of being involved with these internationals can’t help but get more involved.
  • New – “International Christian Fellowship” “ICF” (may have a different name) – we hope to begin this year to have this twice a month.  It will be specifically geared toward international student/scholar believers and seekers.  There will be dinner, worship time, bible study and prayer.  Pray as our staff guy Andrew and those helping with this to be led by the Lord.  Pray God will use this to take students/scholars to a deeper level spiritually whether they are believers or seekers. We want to see discipleship take place, and for those who will return to small home churches to be trained in how to replicate what they learn here.
  • Additional Training for Ministry Partners – we plan to have additional training for our Ministry Partners.  We will be providing further training in reaching Muslims and Hindus.  Pray for these times as we want to better equip our Ministry Partners to be effective with those God is sending to us.
  • Ministry Partner and student leadership development – pray as we seek to help our Ministry Partners and students develop as leaders in the ministry and develop their gifts and abilities.
  • Staff and Key Ministry Partner Planning times – pray for God’s leading as we take times with the ISI KC staff and with some of the key Ministry Partners who are heavily involved to pray and plan for this next school year that is coming soon.

Thank you for your investment of your finances and prayers into this ministry!  It makes all we do possible and plays a crucial role in reaching those who will one day become disciple-makers world-wide.

Love always!


Carol S. Douglass, M.Ed

City Director, Kansas City

International Students, Inc.