Prayer Intercession for Carol & ISI KANSAS CITY

"Look among the nations! Observe! Be astonished! Wonder! Because I am doing something in your days you would not believe, if you were told." Habakkuk 1:5


  • Garage Giveaway - 150 new students/scholars from 18 nations took part in the Giveaway.  We had over 35 Ministry Partners and many senior students and student wives that helped over the three days of setting up and putting on this HUGE undertaking.  These new students had just arrived with nothing but just their 2 bags of clothes.  Students and scholars left with loads of furniture and household item.  We saw lots of big smiles on their faces (like above) as their items were carted off to their apartments by our volunteer’s trucks, vans and trailers.

  • Welcome Picnic – Between 275-300 students, scholars and Ministry Partners were together for a great evening together!  We were able to welcome students from more than a dozen nations.  One amazing answer to prayer was after a week of daily cold and rain, God swept the clouds away and it was a perfect evening for the picnic!

  • International Student Fellowship (ISF) – at the UMKC/KUMC ISF we had 24 students/scholars including 6 visiting Chinese medical doctors at our frist ISF of the school year.  It was such a wonderful time together and the Chinese doctors said how much they loved it.  One said it was like being with a family.  At our second ISF we had over 30 students, scholars and their families come.  It was a great time!!

  • International Gospel Fellowship (IGF) – International student believers and seekers from China, India, Ghana and Nepal met twice in September for the first two IGFs ever. The evening included dinner, prayer and digging into the Bible.  There was an amazing time of sharing what they hope to get out of and to give to the group. Knowing Jesus was one of the main hopes for most of them, or knowing how to share about Jesus.  We want them to discover the grand story of God from the Bible that points to Jesus.  We want to build multiplying disciple-makers and leaders through the IGF. We also want them to see something like a house church would look like so they can replicate it anywhere in the world.

Prayer Requests

  • International Gospel Fellowship (IGF)
    - That He WILL build multiplying disciplesmaker and leaders for His Kingdom from the the IGF
    - God to bring international students/scholars who are seeking Him and want to know Him and grow in Him
    - That God will provide an international student/scholar who can play and lead music or a Ministry Partner who can help with this.

  • ISI Square Dance/BBQ (Oct 14th) 
    - God to build on the relationships with students/scholars that have been started this fall
    - To provide all the help, food, firewood and welcoming American Ministry Partners and believer internaitonal students needed
    - For perfect, clear and not too cold weather
    - That God will take this and use it for Eternal significanse in the lives of students/schoalrs and for our new Ministry Partners

  • Intnernational Wives Connection (IWC) – First one is Oct 4th, Thursday
    - God has brought several new international wives this fall – from Egypt, Bangladesh, India, and Iraq.  Pray for God to open hearts and provide “Divine” opportunities to have great spiritual conversations.
    - Pray that each will feel a part of the IWC community and feel loved and supported by the ISI family.  
    - That He will bring us more Minsitry Partner woman to help build relationships, provide transporatation, support and love.

  • New Hampshire “Jain” Trip – I leave for New Hampshire and will be gone until the 10th to see Nitin (graduated UMKC PhD), Nidhi (wife) and Aarish (son) Jain.  They are home sick and miss Mom and Grandma Carol.  
    -Please pray for my time with them that God will use that time in a BIG way in their lives. 
    - Pray for opportunities to have great conversations about Jesus that come up very naturally.  
    - Pray they will feel surrounded not only by my love but especially by His!

It is a privilege to serve the nations God has brought to us!  Thank you for the crucial role you play through your financial and prayer support that gives me this privilege!! 


 Carol S. Douglass, M.Ed

City Director, Kansas City

International Students, Inc.