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The death of a spouse, child, family member or friend is devastating. Christians are able to claim an eternal perspective and can rejoice that the person they lost is now in the presence of his or her Creator. Even so, as humans, we must grieve a loss so deep and significant. As you are aware, and as is portrayed so vividly on the GriefShare videos, the grieving process is lengthy and intense. Even mature Christians with a solid faith need ongoing comfort and encouragement during the grieving period.

People without a faith face a bleak mourning process. Without the encouragement that comes from the assurance of eternal life, the issues that accompany grief are amplified.

The challenge for churches is to meet the need for ongoing support. Typically, a pastor is directly involved with those who have lost a loved one during the days surrounding the funeral. But even the most conscientious pastor/church leader is unable to meet the continuing needs for comfort and support.

Open Door Baptist Church has a GriefShare ministry available to support you if you have suffered the loss of a loved one. Call Bill Gibbs to begin the process.

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