Open Door Contact:  Kelly Carter

"Serving Families facing an unplanned pregnancy, before, during and after, with Christ-like compassion"

About Advice and Aid Pregnancy Centers:
Your pregnancy center, your friend

Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers helps women and their families make an educated decision about an unplanned pregnancy. We do this by providing truthful information about parenting, adoption and abortion. In many cases, an unplanned pregnancy is a very stressful situation.

Our staff provides a safeconfidential and caring environment. We can help reduce the fear and worry you are experiencing through calmnon-judgmental conversation. Together we can eliminate any shame or embarrassment.

Where there are concerns about relationships, housing, finances or general health issues, our staff has knowledge of many resources and organizations that can help.

That’s what our name means. We give the advice and information to women and their families so they can make an educated decision. And we provide aid  in many ways, but primarily by being a good listener in a safe and loving environment.

Phone:  913-962-0200