Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.

Psalms 33:22

Dear Praying Friends:

            Thank you for holding us up in prayer.  God has been so good to us since our return to the field.   Anna Lee is all settled in there at PCC and is enjoying her new job, now on staff.  It is hard to believe our children are all grown up and on their own.  Shortly after arriving back in Brazil we received word that Daniel had proposed to a young lady from Indiana. They plan to be wedd on December 23rd, 2017, so we began making plans for another quick trip for that important event.  Joanna is also a PCC graduate working for the school so they will be settling in the Pensacola area at least for the time being.  We Praise the Lord for the wonderful mates He has given our children.  What a special answer to prayer. Jonathan and Thayse are doing well and very busy with the start of a new semester there at PCC.

            Here in Brazil our summer months have been especially hot and dry .  This has caused us to experience some eye and throat irritations.  We are anxious for the rains to come and we should get our first showers in September.  Do continue to pray for Leah and Carlos and for a pastor for the church in Nobres.  Their family is doing well and the grandbabies are growing up so quickly.  Please keep them in prayer.

            Since being back our old Suburban has given us numerous troubles.  Being parked for the time we were in the U.S. didn’t help it.  We had battery problems, starter problems, break problems even plugged fuel lines, it is a diesel, so we are glad much of that is behind us now.  Our last problem was with the air conditioning and that is probably to be expected with the hot, dry weather.

            We praise the Lord for the church work going well.  July 2nd Luana trusted Christ in our Sunday evening service.  She is the mother of Lucas, the two year old boy born without a trachea. We are so thankful for her salvation.  Little Lucas is doing much better and was even walking around in the service while I preached for the anniversary service at the main church on August 13th.  Luana gave a testimony in that service and thanked the church for praying for her son. She said that death was all around her in the hospital and that the Lord had given her son back to her.  God is so good!  Pray for discipleship studies with Luana.

            Yvette has been holding Children’s Bible Clubs every other week and we thank God for the special blessing they have been.  We have had about 23 children coming faithfully and three of them have trusted Christ as Savior.  The children are learning Bible verses related to salvation and that has been so exciting.  Several of our adults have come on board with their help which is encouraging.  Do pray for this ministry.  One of the mothers mentioned that she is learning the verses as she helps her children memorize the scriptures.  She is unsaved so pray for her.  Her name is Domingas.

            Cris and Gustavo, two of our young people will be getting married on September the 9th.  We have been studying with them in preparation for this important step in their lives.  Oh, how we pray that God will raise up Godly homes and bless this people as only He can.

            Thank you for standing with us.  May the Lord richly reward you.

                                                                                                In Christ,                                                                                            

                                                                                                Steve and Yvette Huestis