from the

Huestis Family


 November 2017

Dear Praying Friends and Family:

            Thank you for standing with us in the work of the Lord here in Brazil.  The past few months have been wonderfully blessed and we know that you have been holding us up in prayer. 

            Since Thanksgiving is not a holiday here in Brazil we have been working on teaching our people the blessing of thanksgiving.  We have separated this entire month to teaching and preaching to that end and the Lord is working in many lives.  Praise His name! 

            It was such a blessing two weeks ago in our Sunday night service, to look again at Joseph pouring out his heart in Thanksgiving as he remembered that all that had happened in his life was part of God`s wonderful plan for providing for his people and preparing the place where they would become a nation and show forth the power of God to all the nations of the world, (Gen. 45).  In Sunday School we have been looking at the mechanics of Thanksgiving and we noted that is starts with a recognition that every good and every perfect gift comes down from the father of lights, (James 1:17).  It is wonderful to recognize that everything that the Lord allows to come into our lives is for our good and for His Glory.  Last Sunday we studied another important element of Thanksgiving which is remembering the Lord`s mighty works in bringing us to this place in time.  We seem to be so lacks in the area of remembering the past and all that God has done in and through us.  What a privilege to be able to prepare for the Glory of eternity in the presence of the Lord. There we will not have a problem with memory and then of course we will know the rest of the story to be sure.

            One of our special blessings these days in the ministry here has been the Bible clubs we have been holding every other week.  We have had a faithful bunch of about 23 each meeting and most of these kids have never been to a Bible preaching fundamental church so it is all new to them and most of them are loving it.  Yvette started a Bible memorization program with prizes for those who do the work and about half of the kids have taken on the challenge and are quoting  scripture at the drop of a hat.  They have been memorizing verses on Salvation and seven of them have prayed to trust Christ as savior.  Several others are asking questions and we trust will soon trust Christ also.  On the 25th we will end our programs for this year and have planned a special night to attempt to get their parents into church for a film on the life of Christ.  Pray that the Lord will work in many lives that night.  Some of the parents have become very involved with the memorization their little ones are doing so the seed has already been sown.

            We also praise the Lord for the coming of the rains.  It is raining now almost every day and the weather is much cooler.  The change in temperature is always a relief and everything is leafy and green again.

            We are also very grateful for how the Lord is blessing our family.  Leah and family are doing fine and we are all excited about Daniel getting married on December the 23rd.  We will have to make the long trip to Ohio for that but it will be good to see the kids again and Yvette is looking forward to spending one more Christmas with her mother in Mississippi.  We will only be gone from the field for two weeks.  Yvette`s mother has been in the hospital for several days now with a bad infection and we are praying that she will be up and better for the end of the year.  Please pray with us about that!

            It is our prayer that this special season of the year will fill your hearts with joy and thanksgiving to our wonderful Lord.  We are such a blessed people and so privileged to be able to work for the Glory of the Lord.

            May God bless you. 

                                                                                    In Christ,


                                                                                    Steve and Yvette