Dear Friends,

Since you are reading this you know that we have not totally fried here in the valley. Maybe the 115f temps (46 for our Celsius friends) are coming to a close for the summer. It was in August last summer that I was recovering in hospital from a mild stroke. Thankfully there have been no lingering affects but I feel it has speeded up my “maturing” process.

We have stayed pretty close to home this summer but we did venture out to Dallas to visit Ben and his family. We had a great four days with them. It is wonderful to get to know our grandies, and even our adult children, in a way that cannot be managed by an occasional short visit once every few years. Among other things we helped Ben celebrate his birthday. We are proud of all of them and the way they are maturing. Another day Ben took us down to Waxahachie where Lola was able to catch up with her namesake. Lola Jean is now 90 but still very alert. She shared pictures of Lola’s great grandfather and numerous pictures of her grandparents and various other relatives. We returned back to Phoenix in time to help Mark and Josiah celebrate their birthdays. It is hard to realize that we have an 18 year old grandson and even more so that we have a 50 year old son.

Lola and I are both well and keeping busy. This weekend we will be tending Dawn and Jan’s horse property while they get away for a couple of days. Our main job will be to keep the javelinas from eating Dawn’s plants and scaring the occasional bob cat away, in addition to feeding, scooping poop, etc. Sunday School and church continue to be a blessing to us. Palmcroft Baptist Church supports about 70 missionaries and we are trying to keep up with as many as we can. Since we have similar experiences we can relate to what they are going through. Lola continues to serve as a caregiver to her friend who has ALS.

At the end our 10 month special assignment, Grace Baptist Church, our last church plant, gave us a generous gift telling us they would like us to return for a visit. They are having their 20th anniversary in October and Pastor Mark has invited me to have part in the service. We will be leaving for Oz on September 1 for 2 months. Also, Pastor Rob Apps, pastor of our first church plant, has invited me to speak at Open Door. And, the daughter of one of our friends is getting married in September so we will be able to attend her wedding. During October we will be flying to Brisbane to visit a great family there. It is going to be a very busy eight weeks

God is amazingly providing for our needs while we are there. A dear friend has allowed us to use her bungalow. Her daughter and son-in-law live across the street and he has offered us the use of one of his cars. Not sure how good I will be at driving on the left side of the road, in a Mercedes! Probably not that much different.

We are looking forward to catching up with many old friends and learning what God has been doing in their lives. It will be an emotionally charged and challenging time. Please pray with us that we will have the physical and emotional stamina to be up to the task before us. Lord willing the next time you hear from us it will from Australia.

God bless, Don & Lola

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