G’day from Phoenix,

Melbourne is out of sight but not out of heart and mind. I can’t imagine what life would have been like without the people and the land of Australia.

Last year at this time we were saying good byes in Australia as we concluded our ten months of ministry with the wonderful Saints at Grace Baptist Church. Much has happened since that time on both sides of the pond. On this side we have been blessed by the presence of several visitors. My brother Raymond from Kanas City came for a visit and took me to the Cactus Bowl and we were rewarded by a great win by the Wildcats of K-State. He liked it so well he came back a little later and this time we were able to view the training grounds of the KC Royals. (By the looks of the win/loss record they should have come earlier or stayed later.) Mark and Mary Snider were able to take a get-a-way from the snow of Minnesota. Sadly we had a cool spell while they were here but 55 and 60 temps felt like summer to them. Also blessed to have cousin Brandi Winans visit from Florida. That was the fun stuff. The not so fun stuff was my stroke in August. But thankfully that all had a good ending. So
blessed to have wonderful health care. Not to be outdone Lola required lumpectomy surgery earlier this year. Another good outcome and blessing of excellent health came. These were the outcomes we, and many of you, were praying for but even if these had not been what we were praying for God would have been good because He can’t be anything else but good, all the time.

On the other side of the pond great things have been happening. Pastor Mark reports that visitors are attending on a regular basis. They are considering taking an assistant pastor on board. That will certainly relieve some of the ministry load for him. They are keeping their eyes and ears open for a more accommodating meeting place. When we left Grace last April the church gave us a sizable gift for a return visit. The church will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in October. They have suggested that is might be a good time for us to visit! We are doing some research on details and would appreciate your prays for these matters.

We are truly into spring and early summer. It has already hit 100 and we have had the air conditioner on. The weather has been gorgeous which we will need to be mindful of when we get to July and August and the 110+ degree summer. We have added some flowers in the back, which require water, and some cactus in the front, which require very little water. We are slowly making the adjustments to make this unique land home.

Our “missionary prayer ministry” continues to grow. We are receiving quite a few of our church’s 79 missionaries’ prayer letters and we are keeping our SS class informed of needs. The blessings of our 30 years in  Australia, especially the last 10 months we were there, have given us a renewed realization of the powerful need of prayer at work in missionaries lives and ministry.

Thank you all for your love, prayer and support. May God richly bless you all.

Don and Lola Winans

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