Don & Lola Winans at home in Arizona
Dear Prayer Partners,

We often ask traveling companions if they are leaving home or going home. That is a difficult question for those who have served or worked for extended times away from their homeland. But, it is an extremely difficult question when you are leaving those you love and consider family. Such is the life of those serving on a foreign field and a place where we once again find ourselves as we transition in life's journey.

We’ve been home three weeks today and are realising how much a 24 hour flight can affect your life. We’ve spent time reconnecting with family and trying to get resettled in our home. Packing and unpacking has become a way of life around here.

As we were unpacking suitcases and boxes of personal belonging in order to move back into our house our daughter and husband were packing up their house for a move to their new property. So – we’d unpack for awhile at our house then go to theirs to help pack. They’re now semi-setttled into their new home with two acres and a horse barn. Thankfully it is only 25 minutes away so it isn’t like they moved to the end of the world. And there is always work to be done so I imagine Don will be called upon to help out. Its like a return to his roots. J

We’ve also had the privilege of doing “grandparenting stuff”, like going to the elementary musical that Micah was in, the band concert for both Micah and Eli and taking Emily out to coffee. Josiah is going to football camp so we’re able to make a contribution to that. Its been fun to be family again.

Don has been making the rounds of medical appointments and tests in preparation for possible neck surgery. His next appointment is June 5^th when he will get the results of the tests and a reference to a specialist. I’m praying they will do something sooner rather than later. We had intended to make a driving trip to see relatives but that is out of the question right now.

Next Friday we’ll fly to Denver to attend Jan’s (Dawn’s husband) daughters wedding. From there we go to Amarillo to visit my brother and his wife then on to Dallas for our grandson’s graduation from high school. We’ll get back to Phoenix on the 4^th so Don can keep his doctor’s appointment. It will all be a bit rushed but we’re very thankful for the opportunity to attend these very special family things.

In the meantime, news from Australia is that God is continuing His work at Grace through His choice servants there. Pastor Mark has begun a new Bible study with the young adults and is having regular teen get togethers. They have decided to change the time of the worship service so that it starts earlier allowing more fellowship with families afterward. The are also working through logistics of needing a crèche without having an extra room. So far it seems to be working to have the babies in with the Jr Church area. It is a great joy to have babies in the church again!

I am thankful for technology so we can keep in contact with our dear friends on that side of the pond. We have been asked to continue Bible study and discipleship with one couple through Skype. So our ministry there will go on even when we are physically here. What a blessing!

Our trip to the Philippines was a tremendous blessing. The following photos will help explain the trip.

David and his family are members of Grace and are originally from Davao Philippines. We were privileged to attend his wedding to Daisy and speak in two churches as well.
David and Daisy knew each other as children before David's family migrated to Australia. As they matured their love for the Lord and each other blossomed into this very special occasion.
We had a great time of worship with the people at Calvary Baptist Church. Of course there was the food and fellowship time following the service.
We know God's great and merciful love extends to the far corners of the world and what a joy to experience it.
Pastor Kerby shared his vision as Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church.
What an encouragement to speak to young adults who are fully dedicated to the Lord and His service.
It was fun eating street food at the night market.
We even got to meet the president but found him a little formal and stiff.

Thank you all for your pray and financial support which has allowed us to continue to serve the Lord in the manner we have.

May God's richest blessings be upon you as we serve Him together.

Don & Lola