Overwhelming without being overwhelmed

Don & Lola Winans in Arizona
Dear Friends,

The events of the past week have caused me to do a quick reflection of the past four years.  The one word which immediately comes to mind to describe our journey is "overwhelming". God's overwhelming love and kindness has constantly been evident and yet, we have never felt overwhelmed. His mercies are like an artesian well springing forth from the relentless power of God's ever present, ever enduring, perfect love. While all His mercies flow from His throne He chooses to flow them through the many individuals He brings along our path.

Last Wednesday I had Mohs micrographic surgery. That night I took a codeine pain killer. The next morning I had a bad headache so I took another one. As the day wore on instead of getting better my pain was getting worse. I thought I was having a reaction to the codeine. By late in the evening my speech had become somewhat slurred and Lola knew it was time to call 911. A great group of guys came and quickly assessed that I needed to go to hospital.  This is where I spent the next three days and was tended to by a speech therapist, a physical therapist, cardiologist, neurologist, and was scanned, x-rayed, probed and poked. God couldn't have sent a better bunch of people to attend to my needs. It was determined that I had suffered a TIA but with no lingering effects. I was released Sunday night without restrictions. I will be doing follow up with the cardiologist and neurologist. Now I'm at home taking it easy for a couple of weeks. I've begun to feel more like myself in the
last few days.

God's love through so many of His people was overwhelming. Of course it was wonderful having so much of our family present, and the prayers and well wishes of so many left me thinking, who am I. Then I was reminded, I am His child, held in the hollow of His hand (John 10:29). How overwhelming is that thought! As I wasn't taking calls one afternoon Lola took a couple for me. One was from Africa, the continent where I wanted to serve the Lord, and the other from Australia, the continent I did serve the Lord for 32 years. How good is that!

September marks the beginning of many of the church programs - men's and women's Bible studies, AWANA, youth group, etc.  Lola and I have decided to join Bible study groups that meet on Wednesday evening. We want to continue to be involved in serving the Lord and growing in His Word. After this last week's experience, maybe I should volunteer for hospital visitation?!!

I guess this overwhelming adventure is just part of the transition to retired life. Our lives have changed drastically but He is still the same.

In Christ,

Don Winans