Don & Lola Winans
Melbourne Australia
April 2017
Dear Family and Friends,

Wearrived back in Melbourne last July in time to feel the worst of winter, enjoyed spring, endured summer, and are now experiencing the brisk autumn. We are facing the inevitable, the time of once again leaving friends and loved ones. But, for all of our friends that truly know Jesus Christ we know it is not a final good bye. What joy and peace to know that all our loved ones will meet again one day in a land that is much fairer than this world.

Mark and Sara are so thrilled to be back in the place of God's calling for their lives. Marshall, Meredith and Lucy are so happy to have their "Maxwell" back in their family. And of course the church family at Grace are happy to have the Pitts family back.

Mark and Sara arrived on a Thursday and we left the following Tuesday for the Philippines. What a privilege to attend David and Daisy's beautiful wedding. I was honoured to be ask to speak at the church where the wedding was held. The same church David's parents were married in thirty years ago, which was the first wedding held in the Heritage Baptist Church. I also spoke at Calvary Baptist Church, the church Dolly and Joel ministered in before coming to Australia. What a joy to be amongst some of God's choice servants. Of course we were able to take pleasure in the culture and local cusine. The Dorian fruit was nice even though we had been warned of its distinct smell. I was encouraged, even challenged to try balut but for some reason I was never able to locate any. (It may have been because I didn't look very hard.)

Now we are back in Melbourne trying to get last minute things done. Perhaps the hardest part is saying the many "See ya laters" that must be said. We don't say "Good bye" because these lovely people will always be in our hearts.

Sunday I will be speaking. The Middle-Eastern couple we have mentioned have had a new baby girl and they have asked for a baby dedication for that day. That would be more than enough in itself but following that will be a lovely meal. And then we have until Tuesday evening before we depart Melbourne.

This past 10 months has been the most exciting time of all our ministry in Australia.

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