Christ-Centered Recovery Group: This is an ongoing ministry to help people deal with their life hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  Come join us for a life-changing experience.  Sunday mornings are Open Session and everyone is welcome to attend.  Room 111. We also meet on Tuesdays at 7pm.  Contact: Stan Gatton or Diane Burgess.

Cleftdwellers Adult Class:  Our current study is focused on the Old Testament Books of Joel and Habakkuk.    Although nearly 250 years separate the events of these two books, in both settings, God’s people have forgotten to love God.  And as they have forgotten to obey him, so God allows bad things to happen.  There is no rain.  Insects consume all vegetation.  Powerful enemy armies are poised to invade.   Joel tells his people to think about these things.  Habakkuk reminds his people God is still on His throne and He is calling them to admit their sin and embrace Him.    Joel calls his people to love God again as they did before.  Habakkuk tells his people to live by faith and don’t be ashamed to proclaim His Word. These studies demonstrate that throughout history God uses all sorts of means to bring people to their knees so that they may see that He is the Lord God and that they need to worship Him and submit to the lordship of His Son.  Whatever means He uses is worth it if it causes us to pass from death to life by believing on His Son.     Room 131.   Forrest Terrell (teacher) 913-351-3310 

Jots & Tittles:  Currently taking a break during the month of January.  This is an ongoing class.  We look at cultural practices, history, idiomatic language, Hebrew meanings, and the interrelationship between The Hebrew Bible (the Old Testament Scriptures) and the Christian emphasis on the New Testament.  We are currently studying Covenants: Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, and the New Covenants.  Room 203.  Contact Deena Linquist.

Senior Adult Class:  The Bible is the handbook.  Each week, scripture is read, explained, and discussed, verse by verse. All are welcome. Room 128. Contact: Lonnie Murrow.

WOMEN'S SMALL GROUP 9AM SUNDAY: Need a Sunday School Class to attend?  Come join us at 9:00 am on the upper level – very last class room in the 2nd hallway.

MEN'S SUNDAY 9AM SMALL GROUP : Preparing men to be Godly leaders. Room 134. Contact: Shane Parkison at